Saturday, November 17, 2007

Learning to need HIM...

I don't have anything special or major to say right now; I just wanted to write something...just not sure what really.

I just finished speaking with some very dear people that the Lord has placed in my life. In fact, I got to talk with several people this evening that I absolutely adore and am thankful for beyond what I know how to express. I praise the Lord for them.

I listened to a sermon earlier that reminded me about doing just that...praising the Lord. The speaker was saying how all too often we get content with the lesser in this life instead of the Greater. We get so enthralled by the things of this earth that we forget Who made them and gave them to us...God! The Giver of Life! The Giver of ALL good things!

One of the illustrations he gave was it's like a group of guys getting together and marveling over the parts to a car without ever realiziing that those parts can be put together and make an incredible car. Like looking at the spark plugs and pistons and being like..."Oh wow! Look at this one! It's a copperhead spark plug!"

Another illustration was like admiring the pieces to a puzzle without realizing that they make a beautiful picture. How foolish and dense we can be! What a wicked and deceitful heart I have to be so satisfied with the be so satisfied with....self.

Recently (or maybe it has been building up for longer than I can figure out at this time), everything in my flesh wants to tell me that I am ok all by myself....I can handle this on my own, or you don't need to do this spiritual discipline stuff since God already loves you and forgives you. Or when I have free time, I have been filling it "What do I want to do today?" cries my poor weary, wretched heart. "I NEED sleep..." or "I DESERVE this time of 'rest'" (as I sleep my Saturdays away, and spend hours in front of the all-consuming, completely mesmerizing time-waster...the TV). I have been "asleep" for far too long in my relationship with the Lord. I have been sleeping too much in this life and I am tired of it! (hmmm...interesting play on words there...). I want to arise from this slumber. I want to be WIDE AWAKE, but I cannot do it on my own....that's for sure. I am IN NEED OF JESUS. Don't get me wrong here...I have a relationship with Him. I am saved for all eternity by HIS grace. But the longer I am in this relationship the more I am realizing that I didn't start it and I won't finish it, so i certainly cannot maintain it on my own. I hope that makes sense (it may not since it is 130am for me right now). He is the One that will present me pure and faultless to His Father on that glorious day when I meet Jesus face-to-face. So what makes me think I can do that on my own?!

Anyhoo, I could go on about this, but I don't think I will have coherent thoughts for much longer. So I'll just share this one last thing...

There is a song I have just recently come across by Justin McRoberts. It's called "Learning to need You." Here are the words:

I've forgotten
Just how sweet your
Mercies are Lord


I've forgotten just how sweet Your
Mercies are, Lord
Could You remind me?
You've been faithful in my weakness

Father Your love
Overwhelms my soul
I'm learning to need You


I cry out Your name
I am in need of Your mercies, Jesus
Despite my pride and my shame
I'm learning to need You

Artist: Justin McRoberts
Copyright Credits: © 1999-2005, Grassroots Music

So yeah...I am in the midst of this what seems to be a lifelong lesson of....learning to need HIM.


The Hughes Family said...

nice blog! You need PICS!!!!!!!!!!
I want to travel to Taiwain through them. SHow me what you see on a daily basis. They don't have to be special pics, just ANY pics. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey misty!!
I just stumbled upon your blog site from an old email. I will have to save it as a favorite so I can stay more updated on your happenings and thoughts.
I appreciate you desire to awaken from our spiritual slumber. I am plum tired and ready to get my feet on the ground again.
I have been learning lately that we are never going to receive any more time and our life is not going to get less busy. So we need to take advantage of the time we have now! TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!!
Well so long for now..time for class..I love you dearly!
Miss you...
hugs and kisses!!