Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My new-to-me place

Here are some pictures of the apartment I'm living in. Consider these the "before" pictures since I don't have any of my furniture or belongings here yet (it's all coming on a slow-boat across the ocean right now that won't get here until the end of this month, Lord willing!):

This is the back bedroom that I will turn into my "study/office"

This is the bathroom in the back bedroom. The green walls have quite the story to them. Long story short, I got here on Thursday, July 28 and wasn't allowed to use either shower until Tuesday, August 2. When I got here, the shower walls had pretty, white ceramic tile with dried grout all over it that I thought they were going to come and scrape it off. Not the case. The guy came on Saturday morning put this glue-like, headache-inducing smelly, slime-green stuff all over the walls. Couldn't sleep in my apartment until Tuesday because the smell was so bad. It even made my neighbor's apartment downstairs smell for a while. My food even had this weird taste to it because of how powerful this green stuff smelled! All of that to say, this is the finished product...no more pretty, white ceramic tile walls. Oh, Transition!   

Here is the front bedroom, which is the one I have chosen to be mine. The furniture is basic start up stuff that the school provides until we get our own stuff. 

Here is my bathroom with the same green stuff. I feel like I am walking into Nickelodeon studios or something every time I take a shower...it's like hardened Gak on the wall! 

Another angle of my bedroom.

This is the living room- the left doorway is looking down the hallway where the bedrooms are. The right doorway is the entrance into the kitchen. 

The living room when standing by the front door- looking into the kitchen.

The kitchen. The doorway on the right is looking into the living room.

The kitchen from the laundry room angle.

More kitchen.

And a little more kitchen. Doorway on the left is the laundry room. 

So there it is! A lovely L-shaped, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment. God is so good in all His ways and how He provides for His children. Praise Him!

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Savannah said...

Das a big place u got dere!