Sunday, July 21, 2013

God's timing

"If God is not on site delivering what we want when we want it, our confidence in him lags and we tend to give our hearts to something else. One of the hardest things for sinners to do is to wait. We have little tolerance for delayed gratification. So when we ask God for things we add our schedule for the delivery in the request. But God's sense of timing is infinitely different from ours. God has a perfect sense of timing. His moment is always the right moment. He never gets his schedule mixed up or gets things out of order. Yet the wait confuses us because we reason that if the thing is a good thing then a loving God would deliver it to us in haste." -Paul David Tripp

This quote is definitely a convicting one. I have been struggling the past few days with my own longings and desires and feeling like God is dangling a proverbial carrot in my face that I can't grab a hold of. A friend of mine mentioned tonight that "it's hard to stay open when you feel like a door is closing." This is my struggle right now and I am in desperate need of His grace, comfort and strength. I also would like some clarity from Him. But I understand that He is God and I should seek Him for Him and not for answers or what He can give or do for me. 

O Lord, help me to seek You for You and not for things. 

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