Saturday, July 04, 2009

Accidents happen...

So it was 3 weeks ago today that I experienced my first car accident. It is definitely one of the scariest experiences I have ever been through so far. I am still amazed by God's protection through it. If it wasn't for Him, I believe it could have been a fatal accident. Here is a link to the pictures of my Jeep and the accident scene, formerly known as "Harriet" (may she rest in peace):

So these last 3 weeks have been quite interesting to say the least. I'll spare you all the tedious details. I have been trying to find a good car/Jeep by researching like crazy online trying to find out all I can about reliability, safety, prices, etc. These past 2 days I have gone to many dealerships test driving, trying to 'haggle' them down from their outrageous prices, etc. so far without success. I am trying not to get too discouraged seeing as how I am supposed to return the rental car in by Monday, unless I want to extend it and pay for it out of my own pocket. I don't want to do that, but I might have to just so I don't rush into a purchase I'll regret.

Anyways, so that's kind of what's going on right now...nothing profound to say, me just kind of venting random, exhausted thoughts....thanks for your prayers and for 'listening' :)

May the Lord have His way and help me to wait for His provision (Psalm 27:14).

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